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JCB Gets Innovative with Integrated Manufacturing Program

Posted Date: 5/16/24 (8:58 AM)

Through rigorous coursework and a passion for hands-on learning, six students at Phoenix High School in Technology Teacher Corey Szyikowski’s Computer Integrated Manufacturing program are paving the way in the district’s efforts to bring technology and robotics to the forefront.

The inaugural class for the program includes Students Tyler Bertrand, Tallen Prior, Abby Spade, Ed Kelly, Cody Hager, and Zach Henderson. Szyikowski said the students have been learning key details of robotics and basic programming. They have worked with VEX Robotics and Dobot Robotics and have learned the basics regarding the manufacturing process, assembly lines, and conveyor belts.

All this hard work and training led to a culminating project in which the students designed a small-scale factory to assemble LEGO cars. To complete the project and successfully assemble the cars, students had to mimic an assembly line and strategize a way for two different systems to work cohesively.

“We broke into three two-person groups to bring it all together. And they each had their section to work on,” said Szyikowski. “The great part of this class is they spend so much time problem-solving.”

According to Spade, a sophomore, she most enjoys the hands-on experience of the program.

“I really enjoy that we’re up and working all the time. We’re not just sitting at our desks,” she said. “I also think it’s a good thing that we have such a small class size. We have a little group, and we work well together.”

Kelly, a junior, aspires to become an engineer and believes this program is helping to make that dream a reality.

“This is a very engaging learning environment. You’re not just seeing or hearing what’s happening. You’re able to change what is happening by doing it yourself.”