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    Welcome to the Phoenix Central School District

    The Phoenix Central School District, in Central New York, is located 15 miles northwest of Syracuse and 18 miles southeast of Lake Ontario. Phoenix is primarily a rural community, situated at Lock 1 of the Oswego River and Oswego canal, making it the southern gateway to Oswego County. It is conveniently located near state Route 481, making it accessible to many fine parks, shopping facilities and restaurants.

    The district serves nearly 1,850 students housed in three school buildings - Michael A. Maroun Elementary School houses grades K-4, Emerson J. Dillon Middle School houses grades 5-8 and John C. Birdlebough High School houses grades 9-12. Administrators and school faculty/staff are committed to a strong educational program that promotes academic and personal growth for all students.

    Our district believes that each student will become a productive, responsible, confident individual with a strong academic foundation and the ability to make intelligent choices. Our staff and a close-knit community supportive of its students are our greatest asset in this endeavor.


    Our Vision


    The Phoenix Central School District is dedicated to educating students to develop desired moral, ethical, and cultural values, to stimulate and expand a continual learning process and to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, which will enable them to function effectively as independent individuals in a democratic society.


    Our Mission


    The Phoenix Central School District is committed to a challenging educational program that promotes academic and personal growth for all students. Each student will become a confident, productive, responsible individual with a strong academic foundation, and the ability to make positive ethical choices. Our goal is to cultivate a sense of pride, character, and accountability in our students and community. The Board of Education, staff, parents, students, and community share responsibility for this mission.

For Community

For Parents

  • Parents are Essential Partners


    Parents/guardians play a significant role in a child's education. The partnership between parents/guardians and the school district helps create a positive, complete learning experience for each child. Parents/guardians are expected to recognize that the education of their child(ren) is a joint responsibility. To help ensure each student reaches their maximum potential, parents are asked to: 

    • Send their children to school ready to participate and learn.
    • Ensure their children attend school regularly and on time.
    • Ensure absences are excused.
    • Insist their children be dressed and groomed in a manner consistent with the student dress code.
    • Help their children understand that in a democratic society appropriate rules are required to maintain a safe, orderly environment.
    • Know school rules and help their children understand them.
    • Convey to their children a supportive attitude toward education and the district.
    • Build good relationships with teachers, other parents, and their children’s friends.
    • Help their children deal effectively with peer pressure.
    • Inform school officials of changes in the home situation that may affect student conduct or performance.
    • Provide a place of study and ensure homework assignments are completed.


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