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Where Excellence and Passion Meet!

The Phoenix Marching Arts exist solely for the benefit of the student membership. It is the mission of the program to create an environment full of passion, pride, and integrity. Through participation, students will continue to grow not only as performers, but more importantly as individuals.
Students can expect to find the staff eager to provide them with all the tools necessary to excel. The staff will do all that is in their power to provide students with a positive and educationally sound environment that will encourage students to enhance their performance within their field.
The Staff in return expects that all students will give their all in an effort to reach our goals and fulfill our mission. Staff members strive to lead students to their fullest potential and demand a high level of work ethic during each rehearsal. Furthermore, your staff expects that all members will participate in all performances and activities, which support and foster the growth of our organization.
This year and every year WE take on the awesome task of continuing the growth of the Phoenix Marching Arts. It is a task that we all accept and with the proper attitude and work ethic will continue to achieve.

The Phoenix Marching Arts Programs have maintained a very high level of success. Most recently the Marching Band earned its 8th Championship within the NYS Field Band Conference (its third in the last four years of competition alone) and the Scholastic Open Winterguard was the 2017 Open Champion within the Northeast Colorguard Circuit. This is the winterguards highest competitive win within its program history.

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