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Q: Do we really need this project?
A: The project includes many items that are required maintenance and improvements for the safe and healthy operations of our schools. The district is required to conduct a building conditions assessment every five years by the State Education Department. The district prioritized items identified through the building conditions assessment.

Q: Why is most of the work being done at JCB?
A: The last major project the district conducted was focused on Emerson J. Dillon Middle School. Almost all of the improvements being made at JCB High School are being proposed in the 1955 portion of the building.

Q: Why do we need a turf field and lights?
A: Although it may seem like a luxury, a turf field can be utilized more by many groups. Currently our grass football field is only used for games and is not open for other groups to use. By building an adjacent turf field and lighting both fields, many school groups as well as community groups will have greater field access for practices and games.

Q: How is the project financed and what will the cost be to local residents?
A: The district is proposing to use $5.2 million from its capital reserve fund, which voters previously established. Combined with state aid and retiring debt, the district is not anticipating any tax increase for the project to property owners.

Q: If the district is not levying any additional taxes, why does the proposition include language on tax levy?
A: The proposition language is legally written to include all possible funding sources. This is to ensure bond financers that the Board of Education has access to all means to pay its legally obligated debt. Internally, the district has calculated that no additional levy impact will occur for the project, but bond holders have to be assured of their investment with the written proposition language.