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Michael A Maroun

11 Elm Street
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Main Office: 315.695.1561
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Emerson J Dillon

116 Volney Street
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Guidance: 315.695.1522

John C Birdlebough

552 Main Street
Phoenix, New York 13135

Main Office: 315.695.1631
Guidance: 315.695.1645

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  • Read! Read! Read!  Articled last week
    Headed to the beach? Bring along a book! Hanging by the pool? Bring along a book! Traveling in the car? That's right, bring along a book. Need help finding a good book? Check out EJD's suggested reading lists for incoming students.
  • Need to take a summer regents? Articled 3 weeks ago
    The time is NOW to register for summer school and/or to take a summer regents exam. Registrations due by Noon on July 7.
  • John C. Birdlebough Senior Athletes Honored at Recognition Banquet Articled 3 weeks ago
    The Phoenix Central School District, in conjunction with the Phoenix Firebirds Sports Booster Club, honored athletes from the John C. Birdlebough Class of 2014 at the annual Senior Athlete Recognition Banquet. Over fifty seniors were recognized at the banquet for their participation in interscholastic athletics and several distinguished awards ...
  • Emerson J. Dillon 8th Grade Awards Day Articled 3 weeks ago
    An awards celebration on the final day of the 2013-14 school year honored eighth grade students at Phoenix’s Emerson J. Dillon Middle School for various achievements and academic accomplishments.