JCB High School Continues its Annual Veterans Day Tradition

Phoenix’s John C. Birdlebough High School hosted their annual Veterans Day assembly, honoring local servicepersons.


On Thursday, Nov. 10, students and staff at JCB High School came together for a morning assembly to commemorate Veterans Day. They were joined by a number of local men and women, representing several branches of the US armed services. With moving words, songs, and videos, the gathering emphasized the importance of the holiday and its impact on so many people.


Among the visitors was Robert Halstead on behalf of the local VFW, whose words underscored the impact of local servicepersons. Halstead is also a retired district employee. He was joined by two of his brothers, also veteran servicemen.


The event was largely student-led, with JCB teens playing key roles throughout the ceremony. The assembly was opened by junior Gabby Runge with a history of Veterans Day itself, while sophomore Cade Morrison sang the national anthem. Juniors Mackenzie Farmer and Caedance Myer provided musical accompaniment on trumpet and senior Zoe Gordon concluded the ceremony.


Though an annual event, the pandemic had prevented the assembly for the last several years. “We’re glad to have it back,” said Patrick Fitch, JCB assistant principal and one of the event’s key organizers. “And we’re glad to be able to honor our veterans.”