26 EJD students inducted into National Junior Honor Society

Despite the challenges of a worldwide pandemic, 26 Emerson J. Dillon Middle School students persevered and continued to excel academically and as citizens, earning membership into the National Junior Honor Society.

During a recent ceremony, NJHS advisors Kara Barton and Kathy Barber congratulated the inductees on their accomplishments and encouraged them to continue serving their community. The advisors noted that each inductee demonstrated all five pillars required for membership into the prestigious organization: leadership, scholarship, citizenship, character and service.

“Being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society is a reflection on a student's willingness to demonstrate not only a commitment to their schoolwork, but a willingness to participate in, and often excel at, a wide variety of school and community activities,” Barton said. “We were very pleased to extend an invitation to so many Emerson J Dillon Middle School students!”

The inductees were: Eli Bailer, Kendall Barnes, Ian Bova, Elizabeth Bullis, Madelena DiGiovanni, Michael Farnham, Lacey Goodman, Michael Goudy, Marcus Horne, Shane Landis, William MacDonald, Brandon Slater, Regan Southworth, Sara Speich, Lyra Sweeney, Hannah Brooker, Olivia Edwards, Miley Esposito, Landon Guertin, Conner Klock, Katherine Kraft, Taisia Marasco, Brooklyn Olschewske, Berkleigh Schneider, Emily St. Laurent and Ethan Reynolds.