Sixteen Phoenix students inducted into National Honor Society

Sixteen John C. Birdlebough High School students were recognized for academic success and community service during a recent National Honor Society induction ceremony.

Each inductee demonstrated a commitment to scholarship, service, leadership and character. These four pillars of the organization will serve as a solid foundation for the students’ future, noted JCB Principal Thomas Bailer.

“These qualities you possess have shone through your actions and subsequently have earned you the distinguished honor of being inducted,” Bailer said. “I want you to know how extremely proud we all are; this achievement is one you should be proud of, and one for which I know you will continue your path to greatness.”

NHS adviser Angie Neiss also lauded the students’ accomplishments and congratulated them on their contributions to the Phoenix Central School District and beyond. She said the inductees have participated in individual service projects as well as other community-oriented activities such as the CROP walk, blood drives and the Olympiad.

In addition to celebrating the inductees’ academic successes and citizenship, the evening’s keynote speaker – retired Phoenix Central School District teacher Judy Turner – implored the students to challenge themselves and exhibit good character.

“Make some mistakes,” Turner said. “And remember, no one is better at being you than you, so be proud of yourself.”

Following the keynote speech, the inductees recited the NHS Pledge and officially became the newest members of the PCSD chapter of the prestigious organization. Inductees include Isabella Allen, Shay Altman, Sara Brunell, Emma Clark, Sophia Crandall, Brielle DeRoberts, Francesca Goodell, Noah Gordon, Alivia Lamphere, Jock Li, Christian McKay, Joseph Murphy, Liam Sweeney, Thomas Uhl and Michael VanAuken.