Seniors defend Battle of the Classes title

Although it was a new year and a different competition for the John C. Birdlebough High School Class of 2019, the result was the same as they proved victorious in the Battle of the Classes.

The annual battle is the culminating event in a yearlong quest for spirit points. Throughout the school year, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors participate in various community service activities to earn points for their respective class. Those points serve as the initial score for each team in the Battle of the Classes, with teams earning additional points in every minigame and competition.

At the start of this year’s battle in the gymnasium, the class of 2019 had the lead and never looked back. The senior team, comprised of Ethan Hunt, Eric Betts, Cole LaPine, Marcus Berube, Kearra Backus, Erika Brown, Katie Kimball and Gianna DeRoberts, out-dueled the sophomore class in the Tug-of-War for the title of champion.

Seniors finished with 74 points, sophomores with 57, juniors with 55 and freshmen with 45.