Maroun’s team ‘Pink Pop’ advances in Battle of the Books

For 15 Phoenix students, months of reading and studying recently culminated in a six-team Battle of the Books competition at Michael A. Maroun Elementary School.

As part of the challenge, students were tasked with reading and recalling information from 10 books. They were given 16 different questions and had to correctly identify the author and the book title for each.

“This is not easy,” said Principal Brett Doody. “I’m proud of each and every one of you.”

After going toe-to-toe for 16 rounds, three teams finished with a scored of 56 points, leading to a tiebreaker round. The deciding question yielded three different answers from each team, with team Pink Pop emerging victorious.

Members from team Pink Pop include Shaylynn Grevelding, Quinn Mackridge and Camryn Miller, and they will represent Phoenix in the countywide Battle of the Books competition March 12 at 6 p.m. in Sandy Creek.

Additional participants included Alexis Davis and Payton Young (Team Beast Reads); Alexis Yager, Jillian Frey and Sonny Cannata (Team Book Worms); Kayla Brooker, Mirabella Beerman and Payton Clarke (Team Reading Machine); Sadie Grethel and Claire Pritting (Team Rockin’ Readers); and Trisha Bingham and Emma Walpole (Team Crack the Cookie Jar).