Skilled Trade Unions and Apprenticeships

  • Another pathway toward an engaging and well-paid career can be found through the skilled trade unions.  Apprenticeships in the fields of machine operation, plumbing, painting and drywall work, electricity, carpentry, steel and metal work, and heating and air conditioning all offer apprenticeship programs that teach on-the-job skills alongside more traditional classroom lessons.  Apprenticeships occur over a period of several years with incomes that rise with each year of training.


    Most union apprenticeship programs have minimum requirements for application.  Some of those requirements include competing an application, a minimum age requirement, a desire to work, proof of either a high school diploma or TASC, and the ability to pass a drug test.  Below are general resources for learning more about the the different types of apprenticeship programs that are available as well as specific resources for several different trade unions that operate within Central New York.