Athletic Placement Process

  • The Athletic Placement Process Program is a voluntary program designed to afford the exceptional seventh or eighth grade student-athlete the opportunity to participate at the high school level on either the junior varsity or varsity team. An exceptional athlete should have specific talents and conditioning well above the level of athletes of a similar age. This program is not designed to fill positions on a team, provide additional experiences and practices, provide a place for a seventh or eighth grade student when no modified program is offered, or to reward a student.

    In most instances, seventh or eighth grade students should participate in a full modified season to afford our staff an opportunity to assess skills and ability along with evaluating how the athlete can handle interscholastic athletics and academics. Parents are cautioned that even though an athlete may be physically ready, it does not mean that he/she may be emotionally or socially ready to handle the normal stress of increased competition, or have the ability to interact with older students.

    There is great diversity among student athletes throughout New York State. The APP is aimed at the few, select students who are physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially ready to compete at a level higher than modified. Only seventh or eighth grade students are eligible to go through the process and may only do so if there are no cuts from the high school team.


  • The following steps must successfully be completed to make the student-athlete eligible to try out for the team. Passing the APP does not guarantee a student athlete a spot on the team:

    • Recommendation from a coach or physical education teacher
    • Parental Consent
    • Administrative Approval
    • Maturity Test (Tanner Scale performed by school physician only). This is solely at the medical director’s discretion, and all decisions are final.
    • Upon district medical director’s approval the student must participate in physical fitness testing and earn a rating in the 85th percentile for their age in 4 of the 5 fitness tests. If the student does not earn a qualifying score on the first try, they will have two more opportunities to earn a qualifying score. If the student does not earn the required score after the third attempt, the process is over, and they will not be offered a tryout.
    • Upon the successful completion of the items stated above, the student athlete will be granted an opportunity to try out for the team.

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  • Student-athletes must go through the APP process by specified deadlines. Please contact the Athletic Department for more information.