Standardized Testing

  • Who Should Take Standardized Exams?

    Students considering formal education beyond high school should participate in standardized testing. Such testing is required by most colleges and universities in the admissions process. The test results will help a student determine which institutions to consider. 

    College entrance tests are designed to predict a student’s ability to do college-level work. By having standardized test scores for every student applying to a college or university, admissions professionals compare students from different states, schools and academic backgrounds. 

    Decisions are not made based solely on the results of the SAT or ACT, but factor on most application materials submitted to a college, including the transcript, recommendations, personal statement and list of activities. At each college, the weight of these factors varies, but the academic record is always the most important factor for consideration for admission.



    The ACT focuses on English, mathematics, reading and science. A composite score ranging from 1 to 36 is calculated by averaging the four test scores. There is also an optional writing test that measures the student’s ability to plan and write a short essay. Take the writing test at least once. Tests are administered on Saturday mornings in September, October, December, April and June. 

    The cost is $40, with an additional $17 for the writing test. Register today


    PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

    The PSAT is taken in October of the junior year. PSAT scores are used to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Scores are given in evidence-based writing, reading and math. A score ranging from 400-1600 will be provided, and may be an indicator for future scores on the SAT. 



    The SAT will test reading, math, writing and language. There will be an optional SAT essay for an additional fee. A score will range from 400-1600. Sign up and register today! Fee waivers are available for qualified students. See your counselor for eligibility.


    SAT Subject Test

    Some highly selective colleges and universities require two or three subject tests. Each test is an hour long and is designed to measure a student’s knowledge of a specific subject (literature, math, biology, chemistry, physics, Spanish, French, Latin, German, history and more). These tests are given Saturday mornings at local high schools in October, November, May and June. Basic registration fee is $26 plus $18 for each test taken. Visit the College Board website for more information or to register.


    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

    For the student whose primary language is not English, the TOEFL offers a way to be competitive in the college application process without being penalized for a deficiency of English vocabulary. Register today!

Timeline for Juniors & Seniors

Test Prep

Exam Fees

  • Exams are $45 without essay; $57 with essay. Late fee is $28 and wait-list fee is $46. If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, you may be eligible for a fee waiver. Please contact your guidance counselor with any questions.

Upcoming Exams

  • NOTE: Phoenix High School is not a test center site. The following local school districts offer these exams. Be sure to check the date of the exam, as test center sites vary as to which dates they offer the test: APW, Central Square, C-NS, Fulton, Liverpool, Mexico and Oswego. Be sure to put the JCB CEEB Code (#334510) on your registration form so that we receive your grades.

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  • Junior Year (Take tests for the first time)

    October: PSAT

    April: ACT

    May: SAT

  • Senior Year (Repeat tests if necessary)

    September: ACT

    October: SAT