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PCSD Operations and Maintenance Department

The outside of the Phoenix Central School District's Operations & Maintenance building

O&M at a Glance

The Operations and Maintenance Department for the Phoenix Central School District has countless responsibilities that help ensure our students and staff members' daily routines run smoothly. Our vision is to plan for and provide the highest quality environment for safety and wellness. We will work as a team with efficiency, professionalism and excellence, in support of the school district’s mission and the needs of our students, staff and community.

To achieve these goals, we have 32 members in the department, including the Director of Facilities and department secretary. Through the dedication of our staff members, we aim to "help our students do great things," and we have adapted that as our motto for this school year.

Building-by-Building Snapshot of Responsibilities
 Emerson J. Dillon Middle School.
Emerson J. Dillon Middle School
Total square footage: 209,825
Cleanable square footage: 155,507 (equivalent to cleaning more than seventy-seven 2,000 square-foot homes per night)
Some of the fixtures that are cleaned include 2,004 chairs, 598 upholstered chairs, 1,158 tables, 655 desks, 263 whiteboards, 118 sinks, 73 toilets and 1,158 pieces of glass.
 John C. Birdlebough High School
John C. Birdlebough High School
Total square footage: 173,165 
Cleanable square footage: 140,990 (equivalent to cleaning more than seventy 2,000 square-foot homes per night) 
Some of the fixtures that are cleaned include 1,746 chairs, 1,573 upholstered chairs, 470 tables, 872 desks, 133 whiteboards, 105 sinks, 42 toilets and 1,746 pieces of glass.
 Michael A. Maroun Elementary School
Michael A. Maroun Elementary School
Total square footage: 128,402
Cleanable square footage: 114,332 (equivalent to cleaning more than fifty-seven 2,000 square-foot homes per night) 
Some of the fixtures that are cleaned include 1,939 chairs, 267 upholstered chairs, 433 tables, 398 desks, 135 whiteboards, 98 sinks, 79 toilets and 692 pieces of glass.

In addition to the school buildings, the O&M Department maintains 110 campus acres, equaling 220 ½ acre building lots. These acres include four baseball/softball fields, five football fields, five soccer fields, two playgrounds and other various small outside activity areas.

Cleaning for Health Program
We are currently using the Cleaning for Health program, which involves micro-fiber cleaning clothes and dust mops, backpack vacuums, a twice-weekly disinfection of students' desks and horizontal surfaces and C3 no touch bathroom cleaning machines. These procedures and tools help prevent the spread of germs and improve our indoor air quality.