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News and Articles for Phoenix Central School District.

Safety Celebrated at MAM Elementary

Student safety is a top priority at Michael A. Maroun Elementary School.

Several fourth-grade students were recently recognized by School Counselor Nora Germain for their participation in the AAA School Safety Patrol throughout the 2015-2016 school year. For their efforts, Germain rewarded the patrol members with celebratory pizza and snacks. All 16 members received a certificate of recognition and a pin.

Germain thanked students for their commitment to keeping fellow elementary students safe in the school hallways and the bus area. Student Cody Hager came up with the idea to expand safety patrol services into the afternoon after he witnessed several students running to their busses earlier in the school year.

Wearing their fluorescent yellow safety patrol belts, students wrote tickets to classmates who exhibited unsafe behaviors and German helped address each issue as it arose.

Students will continue with their safety patrol duties until the first week of June.


MAM Elementary School fourth graders celebrate their accomplishments as AAA School Safety Patrol members
throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

EJD Students Receive Prestigious Honor

Emerson J. Dillon Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society chapter recently welcomed 22 new members.

New members include: Isabella Allen, Shay Altman, Amaya Baker, Katelyn Carbonaro, Emma Clark, Tabitha Clark, Brielle DeRoberts, Elizabeth Dona, Alicia Durst, Francesca Goodell, Noah Gordon, Cierra Harvey, Alivia Lamphere, Miranda LaRobadiere, Jock Li, Andrew Quinn, Lily Roberts, Aiden Southworth, Tamika Stobart, Liam Sweeney, Aidan Trumble and Thomas Uhl.

For consideration into the prestigious group, each inductee must embody the following qualifications: scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship. Candles representing those pillars were lit by EJD Principal Sue Anderson and NJHS newly inducted officers: President Sarah Thorn, Vice President Keva Newby, Secretary Violet Ameele and Treasurer Brigid Lawless.

Co-adviser Helen Abbott said the students have served as role models to classmates and within the community they “have revealed their true character.” Jennifer Mainville, co-adviser, introduced each student and their accomplishments.

All students have exhibited strong academic skills and a sense of community. Each seventh- and eighth-grade student also wrote a letter to a teacher or person who has been an inspiration to them, several of whom pinned the inductees.

Emerson J. Dillon Middle School newly inducted National Junior Honor Society members, in the front two rows,
display their recognition certificates as current and former members in the back row show their support.

JCB Students Celebrate Staff Members

John C. Birdlebough High School students showered their teachers with appreciation for their commitment to students throughout the school year.

Student Council President Sarah Hoag said the recent belated Techer Appreciation Day ice cream social in the JCB cafeteria was held in honor of all of the sacrifices teachers make to help each student succeed. Senior Tyler Gabriele expressed his gratitude to JCB staff members for allowing students to learn from their own mistakes, all while encouraging students to never give up.

Representatives from each high school class offered remarks and thanked teachers for both their academic and moral support. Awards were given to staff members for different categories of service: demonstrating loyalty, being role models, showing encouragement, dedication, motivation, commitment, mentorship, inspiration, endurance and school spirit.

Students surprised Kathy Lees with a lifetime presidential award for her 25+ years of service to the Phoenix City School District community. Outgoing Principal Gregory Molloy received a standing ovation as he was honored by students for helping them have a wonderful high school experience.

JCB Principal Gregory Molloy, right, speaks to students and staff members as he receives recognition from
students for helping them have a wonderful high school experience. Looking on are students Tyler Gabriele,
left, and Sarah Hoag, second from left.

Phoenix Students Showcase Artistic Abilities

Students in grades seven through 12 at Phoenix Central School District recently had the opportunity to showcase their artwork at a District Art Show held at John C. Birdlebough High School.

Parents, teachers and peers came out to the school in support of their loved ones’ artistic endeavors. The school halls were filled with paintings, photography, ceramics and more.

Many of the pieces shown displayed artistic concepts that were learned in class. For instance, after viewing ancient Navajo and Tibetan mandalas, eighth-grade artists were inspired to create such symmetrical name designs. The students researched typography, patterns and color schemes to disguise their names into their designs.

One piece that was on display was the trophy from the 29th Annual Feats of Clay competition held in May. Over 20 schools participate in this event, which is hosted by Clayscapes Pottery and supported by Onondaga Community College and the Independent Potters Association. Each year, the winning team adds their own piece to the trophy that represents their school. Phoenix Central School District and West Genesee School District earned the honor this year.

 Phoenix student Megan Rowe stands proudly with her impressive and diverse
art collection.

Phoenix Students Participate in Olympiad

Hundreds of exceptional student-athletes from schools across the county united for a day of competition, friendship and fun as part of the Oswego County Olympiad Invitational.

The event, held May 12 in the track area outside of John C. Birdlebough High School, featured nearly 400 participants representing all nine school districts in Oswego County as well as the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation. Students competed in adapted events, field activities, distance races and infield games such as beanbag tosses.

The day got underway with a parade around the track and some words of encouragement from emcee Greg Callen, founder of Move Along Inc., who is paralyzed from the waist down. Callen spoke about the obstacles he had to overcome and how athletics helped him succeed.

“I found that the coaching, mentoring, life skills and qualities that I got through athletics and competition transferred right into my work and what I do today,” Callen said. “I can always go back to athletics and remember what that gave me … and how athletics gave me the perseverance and the integrity to continue to strive forward.”

The Olympiad embodied Callen’s message of perseverance, as students helped one another across the finish line, volunteers handed out ribbons, friends and family high-fived the participants, and the student-athletes beamed with pride.

“We are so proud of everyone who participated, volunteered and donated to make the second annual Oswego County Olympiad Invitational such a huge success,” said Phoenix teacher Angie Neiss, who helped organize the event. “It’s awesome to see everything come together for a fun-filled day.” 

Photos of the event can be seen on the Phoenix Facebook page. 



Parents Join Physical Education Fun at MAM Elementary

Michael A. Maroun Elementary School students and parents were recently reminded that physical fitness can occur at both home and school.

The school’s annual Parents in PE day was recently held in both gymnasiums to showcase fitness units students participate in throughout the year, including: eye-hand skills, cooperative games, hunting and gathering games, balance and eye-foot skills, among several other activities.

Physical Education Teacher Alice Benjamin commended parents for their at-home support and encouragement for students to put forth their best effort. One goal of Parents and PE, she said, was to provide fun fitness ideas for families to do together. Students and their parents enjoyed a bean bag relay race, hunting and gathering net game of catch, climbing a rock wall, and bean bag push up floor hockey, among several other activities.

Chris Prenoveau, MAM PE Teacher, told parents that at the beginning of each class he and Benjamin greet and shake hands with each student, which also helps improve eye-hand coordination.

Michael A. Maroun Elementary Second Grader Brandon Slater, right, races against his father Jeffrey Slater,
left, during a bean bag relay race as part of the annual Parents in PE day at the school.

Phoenix students raise funds for Wounded Warrior Project

As part of a yearlong effort to pay tribute to injured servicemen and women, Phoenix students have raised $500 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Members of the John C. Birdlebough High School Student Council adopted the Wounded Warrior Project as its charitable cause for the year. The project serves veterans who sustained injuries during military service on or after September 11, 2001.

According to Student Council advisor Lisa Spereno, students and the community have embraced the cause since the beginning of the school year. Council members sold Wounded Warrior Project bracelets and organized a faculty versus Air Force game to raise money for the organization.

“Our students have really dedicated themselves to the Wounded Warrior Project all year,” Spereno said. “It’s a great organization and, all in all, we will be donating $500 to them.”

EJD Art Students Win Local Poster Contest

Beth Pritchard’s seventh-grade art students at Emerson J. Dillon Middle School recently participated in the Syracuse Chiefs poster contest, sponsored by NY’s 529 College Savings Program.

Using their knowledge of the elements of art, the students designed posters around the theme of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!” After a panel of judges reviewed submissions, EJD seventh-graders Sara Brunell and Shay Altman were selected as winners for the sixth-eighth grade category. Both students were honored on the field during the May 4 Education Day at the NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse. Brunell and Altman were awarded Chiefs hats, certificates of honor and four tickets each to a future game.

All submitted posters from Central New York students also were on display throughout the stadium.

EJD Middle School students Sara Brunell and Shay Altman were honored during a recent Syracuse Chiefs
baseball game for creating winning baseball-themed poster designs.

JCB Students Receive Sobering Message

As prom and graduation season approaches, John C. Birdlebough High School juniors and seniors were recently reminded by school staff members and local law enforcement agencies to make safe, smart decisions as drivers and passengers.

Students participated in an awareness campaign in the school’s parking lot where they utilized goggles that simulated alcohol and marijuana impairment during a variety of activities. Students were tasked with playing catch, driving pedal cars and walking. Junior Jessica Haresign said she struggled to walk a straight line while wearing marijuana impairment goggles and Senior Marrisa Ellis had difficulty avoiding cones during a pedal car course.

Robert J. Lighthall, Oswego County STOP-DWI Program Coordinator, said schools often promote impairment awareness campaigns throughout May and June because of proms and graduation ceremonies. In years past, Lighthall helped coordinate a mock DWI crash at the high school. Both initiatives have the same sobering message: don’t drink or drug and drive.

Jessica Haresign, JCB junior, attempts to walk a straight line while wearing marijuana impairment goggles during an impairment awareness exercise at the school.


Phoenix Students Attend Annual Oswego State Drama Festival

John C. Birdlebough (JCB) students attended the 57th Annual Oswego State Drama Festival on May 3, where they had the opportunity to give a theatrical performance in front of their peers as well as participate in numerous theatrical workshops throughout the day.

The audience raved for Phoenix’s performance of “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind” by Greg Allen. The cast members included: Joe Brennan, Ned Greenough, Kaitlyn McArthur, Allison Strang, Abigail Venskus, Evan Logee, Alexis Bowering, Declan Hawthorne, Danielle Merrill, Josh Van Gorder, Derick White, Meghan Lees, Hannah Grabowski, Mason Lange, Olivia Ripley, Zack Van Gorder, Samantha Zerbinos and Catherin Barnhart. The crew members were Daniel Braun, Gabby Brown and Garrett Frink. The theatre group was directed by faculty advisors Brian Logee and Lisa Spereno.

Not only did the students have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers from other schools, but they also got the chance to work with SUNY Oswego theater guides and technicians. In addition, they were able to participate in a multitude of theatrical workshops throughout the day including scene painting techniques, storytelling, musical theatre choreography, audio tech, improvisation and more.

Other schools who participated in the event included Auburn, John C. Birdlebough, Oswego City, Camden, Mynderse Academy and Red Creek.

 Phoenix students attend the 57th Annual Oswego State Drama Festival. 
 Phoenix students perform a scene from “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go
Blind” by Greg Allen.