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News and Articles for Phoenix Central School District.

MAM Elementary Celebrates 100th Day of School

MAM students celebrated their 100th day of school with a plethora of activities! Kindergarteners decorated capes with 100 items from home and wore them to school! First graders made necklaces with 100 beads, wore 100 day hats and collected more than 100 canned goods for the Phoenix food pantry!


MAM Welcomes New Nursing Staff

Michael A Maroun welcomes new nursing staff Erin Moore and Karyn Froio.

Froio has been a substitute for the Phoenix Central School District since 2007, also working at Community General Hospital in Syracuse. She is a Registered Nurse, obtaining her degree from St. Joseph’s College of Nursing.

“I really enjoy school nursing and the children,” said Froio. “I am really excited to be the new school nurse; this is a great school district and a wonderful place to work.”

Moore is the new Assistant School Nurse, obtaining her LPN from OCM BOCES. She previously worked at CNY Family Care in East Syracuse.

“I love working with kids,” said Moore. “This has always been my dream job and I am so happy to be a part of the PCSD.”

Moore and Froio will be working together in addressing children health concerns and injuries, administering medications, keeping children updated on vaccinations and testing hearing and vision.


Michael A Maroun welcomes new nursing staff Erin Moore and Karyn Froio. Froio has been a substitute for the PCSD and is excited to join the team permanently. Moore brings experience from CNY Family Care. Both are thrilled about their new positions.

MAM Students Quilt Together Western Expansion

Heather Cannella and Patty Lazarz’s classes engaged in the learning of Westward Expansion with the creation of a class quilt at Michael A Maroun Elementary.

The students heard a story each day relating to the topic of Westward Expansion during their listening block. Traditionally, students would have written a summary of the lesson, but Cannella and Lazarz had other ideas.

“The kids got to complete a quilt square that highlighted the most important parts of the story, in writing, and then they illustrated a main character or important concept in the center of the square,” said Cannella.

The classes each used their paper patches to create a giant quilt on the bulletin board outside of their classroom. Each student created a total of nine quilt squares.

 Heather Canella’s class at MAM proudly displays their quilt, which showcases their learning of Westward Expansion.

Phoenix Teachers Show Love to Golisano Children on Valentine’s

Michael A Maroun Elementary teachers joined together in purchasing and assembling goodie bags for the cancer unit at Golisano Children's Hospital for Valentine’s Day.                    

Guidance Counselor Nora Germain said she was overwhelmed by the generosity of the MAM staff. The first grade alone donated $130 to the cause.

The bags each contain a Valentine’s Day balloon and fun items like card decks and matchbox cars. 36 bags will be presented to children at Golisano. 


MAM Elementary teachers donate Valentine’s goodie bags to the cancer unit at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Responsible Michael A Maroun Students

Several MAM kindergarteners and first-graders were recognized for their display of responsibility during the month of January.

Each student received an ice cream coupon valid at the school cafeteria as an award. Peer support shown through as the applause rang through the room as each student was called.

Kindergarten award winners were Hunter Smith, Claire Pritting, Lena Grosvent, Cole Marcely, Kaden McQuagge, Alexis Yager, Jacob Hackett, Bailey Hager, Gabrielle Wiliams, Sadie Grethel, Kerrigan Hendry, Maura Catanzaro, Cyrus Capozzi, Jay Gristwood and Jordan Gullen.  

First grade award winners were Aurora Rose, Jaden Clifton, Avery LaRobardiere, George Rogers, Garrett Staring, Colin Burgett, Madelena DiGiovanni, Regan Southworth, Ragan Baker, Shane Landis, Andrew Ross, J. Millis, Jacob Cummings, Amaya Crutchley, Samson Carno, Riley Ann Farrar, Payden Rahrle-Waldron, Dominik Kuhlman, Kyle Jones and Trenton Hoyt.

In addition to the responsibility character awards, special area awards are also distributed each month. The Art award was given to kindergartener Madison Hart and first-grader Rafael Lopez. The library award was given to kindergartener Gabriel Gonzalez and first-grader Karley O’Connell. The Café award was received by kindergarteners Abbygail Warring and Chloe Blackwell, and first-graders Eli Bailer, Johnathan Capenos and Aubrey Harris.

 Several MAM kindergarteners are recognized for their display of responsibility during the month of January. Each received an ice cream coupon valid at the school cafeteria as an award.
 MAM students receiving responsibility awards.
 MAM student George Rogers IV proudly displays his award for showing responsibility during the month of January. 

JCB students make history during physical education class

History was recently made during a physical education class at John C. Birdlebough High School, as a select group of students braved bitter cold temperatures and steady snow fall to become the first to participate in a snowshoeing exercise.

This is the first year snowshoeing has been offered to high school students, and physical education teacher Angela Neiss believes snowshoeing provides students with a great outdoor activity during central New York’s long, harsh winters.

“It’s great to be able to introduce our students to outdoor activities to encourage them to get outside, enjoy what CNY has to offer, and most importantly, to exercise,” said Neiss.

Neiss said the weather had been too cold to venture outside, but on Jan. 30 the conditions were just right for a snowshoeing exercise.

Pictured from left, students Brianna Luke, Allie Williams,
Ashley Johnson, Natalie Hart and Catherine Musumeci
pose with their snowshoes

Phoenix Schools Install New Visitor Management System

The Phoenix Central School District (PCSD) has installed a new visitor management system in each of their schools to ensure the safety of every student.

The equipment is called the Raptor Visitor Management System. The equipment will track individuals entering each school building, keep unwanted visitors at bay and aid in safety alert systems.

All visitors entering the building will now need to provide a driver’s license during their first visit so that the school can record their presence in the system. Each person will then receive a visitor pass to wear while in the building, and they must sign out at the main office upon departure.

This system will identify potential predators through the sex offender database and alert school officials immediately, creating a safeguard for all students.

Principal Mary Stanton is proud to have yet another level of security in the elementary building saying, “The feedback from parents has been very positive.”

The new system can be a little more time consuming than previous procedures, but district employees feel that the investment is worth the safety of the children. The district appreciates the patience of parents and other visitors.   

Michael A Maroun Typist April Crawford operates the new Raptor Visitor Management System that is now installed at each Phoenix school to help keep out predators and ensure the safety of every student.

JCB Students Travel Back in Time

John C Birdlebough students recently traveled back in time to Michael A Maroun Elementary as part of a mentoring program.

Several JCB juniors and seniors participated in the event, pairing up in twos and shadowing a teacher’s class for the day.

For Twelfth grade Megan Brown, who has aspirations of becoming a Child and Family therapist, the day provided great insight into the field of childcare.

“It is so fun,” said Brown. “I absolutely love being here with these kids.”

The elementary students also gain an inspirational mentor for the day, someone that they can look up to and follow by example.

But some students took more of a trip down memory lane than others. Twelfth grade Mikaila Mills visited Mrs. Lucille Mercer’s class who used to be her kindergarten teacher. The two were delighted to spend some time together and reminisce over old grade school photographs. Mercer has taught kindergarten for 30 years.

JCB students Matthew Pelton and Conrad Karl play a vocabulary game with MAM elementary students.

Fourth Grade Artists in the Making at MAM

The Phoenix Central School District has some blooming artistic talent in their fourth-graders.

Students from four different classes voluntarily spend their lunch period in Kathleen Lambert’s art room working on a variety of different independent projects.

Lambert said students either eat their lunch as they work or eat their lunch as fast as they can so that they have more time to work.

“It’s a lot of fun!” says fourth grade Ragan Baker.

 MAM students from Kristen Jeffries’ fourth grade class spend their lunch period at art club working on projects of their choice.

MAM students Liam Campanino, Alexander Harris and Isaiah Bergman exercise their artistic talents at art club.
A piece painted by fourth grade Isaac Chesbro at Michael A Maroun Elementary.