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News and Articles for Phoenix Central School District.

PCSD Gears Up for Oswego County Olympiad Invitational

Looking to build on the success of the inaugural Oswego County Olympiad Invitational in 2015, event organizers are finalizing plans for this year’s edition, set for May 12 at John C. Birdlebough High School.

The Phoenix Central School District will host the event once again, providing exceptional students with an opportunity to compete in various events, from adapted races to shotput and everything in between. Student athletes representing all nine school districts in the county as well as the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation will participate in a day of games, fun, friendship and competition.

“The Olympiad provides an opportunity for students to compete, but it’s also about having fun, overcoming obstacles, and making lasting friendships,” said PCSD teacher and event organizer Angie Neiss.

With a focus on fun and inspiration, the event will begin with words of encouragement from Greg Callen, founder of Move Along Inc. Callen, who is paralyzed from the waist down, is an athlete, motivator and entrepreneur, and will serve as the master of ceremonies for the Olympiad.

“We’re thrilled that Greg will be our emcee,” Neiss said. “His story is remarkable and serves as an inspiration.”

Other activities planned for the day include face painting and games. Food and drinks will be provided to each athlete. Ribbons and medals will also be presented following each event.

The Olympiad will get underway at 9:30 a.m. May 12. In case of inclement weather, the event will be rescheduled May 19.

Phoenix Students Earn President’s Youth Service Awards

Student volunteerism, citizenship and community spirit were celebrated during the annual President’s Youth Service Awards ceremony held in the John C. Birdlebough High School cafeteria.

The event honored 29 Phoenix Central School District students who combined for more than 12,000 of community service. The honorees amassed volunteer hours helping at the local food pantry, coaching youth sports, participating in community cleanup efforts, and spending time serving local nonprofit agencies and organizations.

“You have spent countless hours volunteering, and you have performed valuable services – all for no pay,” said PCSD Superintendent Judy Belfield as she thanked the students for their contributions. “The Phoenix Central School District is very proud of you.”

In addition to earning recognition from school administrators, several elected officials were also on hand to congratulate the award recipients. Assemblyman Will Barclay applauded the students for their efforts and challenged them to continue on the path to success.

“You are the future of our community,” Barclay said. “Keep up the great work because we’re going to need you in the future.”

High school Principal Greg Molloy echoed those sentiments as he announced each award recipient and praised the students for their impact on the community and beyond. He noted that a person is “an image, or an average of the five people you spend the most time with,” which he said was evident by looking at the group of students in the room.

“You make my life complete,” Molloy said before presenting plaques to the awardees.

Silver Awards were given to the following students for completing at least 300 volunteer hours: Nicholas Bernard, Alexis Bowering, Thomas Dion, Kaitlyn Greer, Nicole Hetko, Jordan Jock, Shianne Just, Cody Lawson, Ryan Luke, Christopher Nicolella, Emily Riddell, Lauren Thoryk, Alexa Uttamsingh and Ryan Virkler. Gold Awards (500 service hours) were presented to Kea Corey, Alexis Gabriele, Jonathan George, Jessica Jones, Meghan Lees, Evan Logee, William Lord, Joshua Margrey, Noah Neverette, Carolanne Switzer and Derick White. Gold Medallion Awards (1,000 or more service hours) went to A.C. Bowman III and Zachary VanGorder.

After presenting plaques to the Silver, Gold and Gold Medallion winners, Molloy congratulated Tyler Gabriele and Sarah Hoag as the Youths of the Year. The pair serve as role models to their peers, Molloy said, noting that both are hard-working, self-motivated and eager to make a difference.

Musical Desserts, Talents Displayed at Birdlebough High School

Phoenix Central School District students recently displayed their musical talents at a “Musical Desserts” night held at John C. Birdlebough (JCB) High School.

As the students performed various vocal and instrumental pieces, audience members enjoyed an array of delightful treats that were also served to them by the students.  

JCB students Catherine Barnhart and Danielle Merrill emceed in between the evening’s performance roster with humor and laughter. Among many acts were Garrett Frink with a ukulele solo of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” the Chamber Singer Boys with a vocal ensemble of “The Rocky Road to Dublin” and Olivia Ripley with a vocal solo of “Black Swan.”

Perhaps the most entertaining act of the evening was that of Derick White, Abby Venskus and Brian Breen who performed a melodica trio to the “Star Wars” theme. The melodica is a free-reed instrument that has a musical keyboard on top and is played by blowing air through the mouthpiece that fits into a hole on the side of the instrument.

The cabaret-style setting in the school’s cafeteria made for a cozy evening of talent and laughs enjoyed by all. 

 The Chamber Singer Boys from Phoenix Central School District perform “The
Rocky Road to Dublin” at a recent “Musical Desserts” night. 

Brian Breen and Abby Venskus play the melodica instrument to the “Star Wars”
 theme. Also a part of the trio was Derick White.  

Dillon Students Celebrate Character Education with Spirit Assembly

Emerson J. Dillon students recently celebrated a culmination of character education with a Spirit Day Assembly at Phoenix Central School District.  

Students dressed in selected colors depending on their grade level and participated in a variety of team-building games and challenges throughout the day, including a real-life version of foosball; pool noodles were connected together with duct tape and the kids had to maneuver the ball without letting go. The winning student team competed against teachers.

Teachers also participated in the fun during a real-life “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” competition, where one teacher would slide across the gym floor on wheels using a bucket to grab as many tennis and ping pong balls as possible, while another teacher held the rope to reel them back in.

The Spirit Assembly not only promoted school spirit and character education, but also instilled a sense of teamwork among the students. 

To see more pictures from the event, visit the PCSD Facebook Page. 

EJD student council members give a thumbs up for school spirit.  

The yellow team expresses excitement over a victory at the Dillon Spirit Assembly.

MAM Fourth Graders Host Spring Concert

Michael A. Maroun Elementary fourth-grade students recently performed their last elementary concert at the school.

The sharply-dressed students brought their confidence and smiles to the “What a Wonderful World”-themed spring concert, which was held in the intermediate cafeteria and gymnasium. The event featured 25 speakers who read short poems in between the following songs: the Phoenix Alma Mater, “Spring Thing,” “Cherry Blossoms,” “Whale Song,” “Agents of Change” and “Our Earth, Our Home.” “What a Wonderful World” lyrics were printed in the concert program, providing an opportunity for the 150-200 guests to sing along.

Principal Brett Doody commended the students for their hard work and commitment to the arts. Directors Carol Van Gorder and Jody Lentz also recognized the students for supplying artwork, which was featured on walls throughout the concert space.

Fourth-graders at Michael A. Maroun Elementary School perform the song “Spring Thing” during the
annual Fourth-Grade Spring Concert, which was directed by Carol Van Gorder, bottom left, and Jody
Lentz, bottom right.


Academic Successes Celebrated at EJD

Over 200 Emerson J. Dillon Middle School students will be rewarded for their academic successes on May 4 when they attend a Syracuse Chief’s baseball game.

The honorees earned gold or silver stars for the third quarter of the 2015-2016 school year. A gold star is awarded to students who achieve a quarterly average of 90.0 or higher with no incompletes or failing grades. Silver stars indicate students whose quarterly averages are between 85.0 and 89.99 with no incompletes or failing grades.

The following fifth-graders received a gold star: Kathryn AuClair, Chase Bacon, Isaiah Bergman, Allenmichael Borasky, Grayson Brady, Elisabeth Caltabiano, Courtney Carter, Reghan Conley, Dominic Croteau, Blake Duncan, Emily Dunn-Hulett, Hayley Dygert, Mark Eusepi Jr., Michael Farrar, Madison Fatcheric, Robert Finch Jr.,  Evan Fox, Damian Fratello, Zoe Gordon, Lindsey Goudy, Mia Graham, Kenidee Grover, Mallory Hess, Jason Hilton, Blake Hoyt, Mattie Hunt, Evan Isabell, Olivia Isabella, Alan Jacques, Conor Jones, Chase Kenner-Carbonaro, Morgan Lynch, Brooke McCann, John McDonald, Peyton Nichols, Tateum Patnode, Cody Perry, Logan Petrie, Lillianne Quinn, Hannah Reilley, Sheriden Southworth, Zoey Stone, Ryan Thompson, Alexander Whaley, Austin Wilder and Julianna Williams.

Fifth-grade silver star recipients are: Ashley Besaw, Ethan Bruno, Aiyannah Bukowski, Jonathon Burgess, Peyton Callahan, Liam Campanino, Solomon Campbell, Victoria Cerullo, Mackenzie Chetney, Meghan Clothier, Alexis Crandall, Milani Eldred, Shawn Froio, Chloe Harvey, Riley Huntley, Brandon Ingoldby, Dylan Jones, Camdyn LaPointe, Lillian Maty, Mikayla Maxam, James Morgan III, Edward Pitcher, Lillie Shaffer, Hope Smith, Douglas Stevens and Celia Tangorra.

Gold stars were awarded to the following sixth-grade students: Sarah Andrews, Landon Armstrong, Sarah Ashby, Virginia Bednarski, Alissa Bova, Adrianna Breckheimer, Gracie Britton, Conner Calkins, Thomas Checksfield, Kaitlyn Chesbro, Chloe Coughlin, Mary Crandall, Isaiah Gordon, Joseph Green, Madisen Guerrero, James Hagg II, Jonah Hawthorne, Bethany Hook, Alexandra Hopps, Alaina Hubbell, Tye Hughes, Jayde Jacobson, Autumn Kelly, Grace Landis, Nevaeh Lando, Maggie LaPine, Larissa MacDonald, Hannah McArthur, Grace McDonald, Erick Moreira, Jacob Neupert, Gabriella Payne, Carter Pinkley, Katelyn Pyzdrowski, Kelsey Redhead, Ariana Richway, Kylie Russo, Daniel Stellingwerf, Sean Stevens and Chastity Thomas.

Silver star honors were awarded to sixth-graders, including: Noah Bartholomew, Stephen Beal, Masson Bell, Zackery Bennett, Mathew Bernard, Skyla Brown, Ian Burgett, Jake Charleston, Jared Charleston, Johnathan Dion, Matthew Files, Dominic Germain, Mariah Gilligan, Nicholas Hanson, Zackary Hunter, Shane Jacobson, Willyam Jolly, Karson Kimball, Cody McFall, Max Morgan, Brady Munger, Weston Murphy, McKenna Neiss, Carson Newvine, Curtis Pitcher, Hanadi Sardo, Jacob Smallman, Taylor Smith, Olivia Snyder, Gaven Sutter, Ella Tangorra and John Wallace.

Seventh-graders who received a gold star are: Isabella Allen, Shay Altman, Emily Babbitt, Amaya Baker, Sara Brunell, Chloe Calkins, Hannah Charleston, Emma Clark, Tabitha Clark, Sophia Crandall, Brielle DeRoberts, Hailey Fredericks, Francesca Goodell, Noah Gordon, Cierra Harvey, Mattison Hess, Alivia Lamphere, Miranda LaRobardiere, Jock Li, Megan Lytle, Owen Lytle, Zack Mills, Robert Minard, Garret Morrissiey, Andrew Quinn, Tyler Redhead, Lily Roberts, William Semanchuk-Enser, Aiden Southworth, Nathaniel Sutter, Liam Sweeney, Corinne Thibault, Zoie Tracy, Sophia Trinca, Aidan Trumble, Thomas Uhl and Michael VanAuken Jr. and Mason Watkins.

Seventh-grade silver star recipients are: Gracie Altman, Nicholas Bartlett, Ashleigh Besaw, Natalie Brown, Kelsie Burgess, Alexander Coons, Hailie Dailey, Alicia Durst, Alivia Eusepi, Ethan Fox, Zachary Green, Katherine Holbrook, Braden Jolly, Amanda Justian, Nathan Kosakowski, Patricia Lamach, Nathan McCarthy, Samantha McLoughlin, Alex Olschewske, Imari Piscitelli, Keaton Renfrew, Connor Roberts, Brett Sears. Jacob Smith, Benjamin Thibault, Melody Trask and Ashlyn Wallace.

The following eighth-graders received gold stars: Violet Ameele, Grace Arnold, Jadan Bruno, Danielle Case, Cheyenne Cook, Jacob Cooper, Jeffrey Cooper, Michael Dion, Elisabeth Dona, Darren Fischel, Caitlin George, Hailey Goudy, Allison Grabowski,  Samantha Harrison, Keera Hazen, Carly Ingerson, Madison Kalt, Katelyn Kenner-Carbonaro, Jena Klimaszewski, Brigid Lawless, Tina Li, Chloe Lytle, Abigail Meaker, Caitlyn Mitchell, Joseph Murphy, Savannah Neupert, Kelise Newby, Keva Newby, Skyler Patnode, Taylor Petrie, Ethan Remington, Leah Schlachter, Jacob St. Laurent, Tamika Stobart, Sarah Thorn, Teresa Uhl, Madison VanAuken and Grace Vestigo.

Eighth-graders who were awarded silver stars are: Emma Allers, Riley Belknap, Mason Bresett, Conner Cole, Camron Fordyce, Leah Green, Samuel Guthrie, Cassadee Handville, Trish Harris, Brianna Horn, Paige Isabell, Laila Jones, Zaya Koegel, Timothy Lando III, Julianna Lewis, Amaya Malambri, Christian McKay, Alexandria Mills, Brooke Palmer, Love Phillips, Aubrianna Renfrew, Vanessa Rivera, Ayden Slack, Nicole Tulowiecki, Nicholas Vaverchak, Madison Watkins and Seth Watkins.

Earth Science Honors Students Explore Climate Change

The John C. Birdlebough High School Earth Science Honors class boasted academic exploration during the annual Earth Science Honors Research Symposium, held in the JCB library.

The symposium was a culmination of six months of student research based on climate change. Students reviewed scientific articles, designed a research collage poster and presented a videotaped PowerPoint presentation in class addressing a scientific question about climate change. Through that research, students explored how climate has affected the following topics: bird migration, coral reefs, Galapagos Penguins, the human population, war, plankton and mammals, among several other categories.

Each of the 19 students provided a brief synopsis of their research and what they learned about climate change. Dan Braun said he learned that coral reefs have become more vulnerable to diseases, while Declan Hawthorne said storms are increasing in intensity. Emilie Hilliard explored human involvement in climate change, and cautioned classmates and the two dozen guests in attendance to be more careful what we do in the world today so the world remains stable.

Certificates of appreciation were handed out to each student by Teacher Susan Sharp. Six students were selected as medal winners and Hilliard received a plaque for the principal’s choice Best of Show award from Principal Gregory Molloy. Attendees voted “What Are the Effects of Climate Change on Polar Bears” as their favorite poster, which was designed by Mariah Sheirer.

On behalf of her class, Hilliard also honored Molloy with a certificate of appreciation for his support for the symposium. He commended the students for their hard work and dedication.

JCB Teacher Susan Sharp, front left, distributes honors research symposium certificates of appreciation
to students.

Citizenship Awards Given to EJD Middle School Students

Several students from Emerson J. Dillon Middle School in Phoenix were recognized for their contributions as good citizens throughout the school.

The fifth-, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders exhibited positive character traits and became role models for classmates throughout the school. Teacher Raina Hinman presented students with a certificate of recognition and Principal Sue Anderson offered her congratulations to students on their achievement.

Fifth-grade recipients include: Jason Phoenix, Eddie Pitcher, Allenmichael Borasky, Courtney Carter, Zoe Gordon, Morgan Lynch, Chase Bacon, Brooke McCann, Damian Fratello, Dominic Croteau, Emily Dunn-Hulett, Zoey Stone and Evan Isabell.

Sixth-grade honorees are: Jared Charleston, Olivia Snyder, Skyla Brown, James Hagg, Curtis Pitcher, Madisen Guerrero, Ariana Richway, Isaiah Gordon, Ella Tangorra, Zachary Bennett, Katalina Wright and Neveah Lando.

The following seventh-grade students also received awards: Shay Altman, Tabitha Clark, Miranda LaRobardiere, Andrew Quinn, Emily Babbitt, Mattison Hess, Ethan Fox, Sophia Crandall and Hailey Fredericks.

Awards were given to the following eighth-graders: Violet Ameele, Teresa Uhl, Carly Ingerson, Christian McKay, Alexandria Mills, Caitlyn Mitchell, Jacob Tangorra, Madison VanAuken and Christa Delaney.

EJD Middle Principal Sue Anderson, top left, congratulates Citizenship Award recipients as they show
off their certificates of recognition.

EJD Students Improve Academics

Several Emerson J. Dillon Middle School students were recently recognized for improving their academics from the second quarter to the third quarter.

Honorees received a Jump Shot Award for achieving an overall average of 65 or higher and for increasing their average by five points. The following fifth-grade students received awards: Isaac Chesbro, Mackenzie Chetney, Dominic Croteau, Skyla Brown and Thomas Checksfield. Sixth-graders William English, Mariah Gilligan and Alexis Wolfanger received the same honor, as did seventh-graders Jacob Scruton and Donovan Zych. Eighth-grade honorees include Jacob Cooper and Haylie Homer.

Emerson J. Dillon Middle School Principal Sue Anderson, second from left in the back, stands proud alongside students who were honored for increasing their grade point average by five points this quarter.

Phoenix Students Show Perseverance

Michael A. Maroun Elementary School students were recently honored for exhibiting perseverance throughout the month of March.

Honorees were commended for never giving up, always trying their best and working hard to improve academic and behavior goals. Classmates clapped and cheered as Guidance Counselor Nora Germain presented perseverance awards to the following kindergartners: Hunter Rodriguez, Demi Schebell, Kylie Legare, Chayse Maty, Isaiah Jackson, Garritt Pitre, Jimmy Halstead, Theodore Lough, Isabella Kasten, Dogntae Lockwood, Cadence Wiesbrod, Kyle Widger, Skyler Steinberg, Lucas Walters, Myles Gordon, Jacob Grant and Kylee Bradley.

Also honored were the following first graders: Gabriel Gonzalez, Madison Hart, Mia Difulio, Steven Hartkopf, Tyler Ingoldby, Ryan Kleingardner, Peyton Hopps, Mallory Backus, Tommy Ryan, Peyton Bobbette, Jayden Cook, Landon Rowe, Dante Taylor, Payton Young, Wyatt Scruton, Kya Cole, Mariah Ashley, Garrett Ende, Elijah Jackson and Kaiden Siler.

Recipients in second grade include: Zach Lovins, Zoey Moore, Aaron Ryan, Quentin Thomas, Zoey Schermett, Summer Sardo, Daniel Swank, Bryan Walseman, Aadyn Byrne, Brandon Coleman, Jazmyn Lough, Isaiah Anderson, Hunter Young, Andrew Ross, Dominik Kuhlman, Riley Ann Farrar, Ethan Ross and Jayden Dunn.

Third-grade award winners are: Jacob Lindsley, Jonathan Banks, Ezekial Shadrau, Emma Huntley, Emma Fox, Finn Coons, Eric McLoughlin, Mikayla McQuown and Olivia Edwards.

Fourth graders honored are: Dante Teste, Austin Moore, Alana Clough, Jordyn Meyers, Savannah Brown, Jeremy Haskins, Logan Corteux, Erika Dygert, Caleb Jolly and Nathan Worden.

For their efforts, all students received an ice cream coupon and certificate of recognition.

Michael A. Maroun Elementary School kindergartners show off their certificates of recognition after they
were honored for exhibiting perseverance throughout the month of March.