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Welcome to Pupil Services of Phoenix Central School District

An amazing team of dedicated professionals works to support our students academically, social-emotionally and behaviorally. In these demanding times for parents, family and children, having an educational environment that is supportive, high-performing and models character is essential. We believe that parent involvement is a critical piece of each child’s success and we welcome parents to take an active role in their child’s education at our school district.

Some of the Pupil Personnel Staff at your child’s school include: nurses, school social worker, school psychologists, guidance counselors, speech and language therapists, special education teachers, and special education teaching assistants.

Our educational community understands that every student is unique and we are committed to meeting each student's academic needs. The Academic Intervention Services/Reponse To Intervention model builds a solid foundation for academic success for all students.

Homeless Families/Students
Our collaborative educational community understands that difficult economic times can create a heartship on families and sometimes this may result in a living circumstance that is not permanent. Pupil personnel staff is prepared to help families and students faced with this situation.

Students with Special Needs
Pupil personnel staff work collaboratively to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with the support and services they need to acquire essential academic, social and vocational skills.


1 HOUR DELAY: If your scheduled meeting was to be held during the delay time, your meeting will be rescheduled for a different day.

2 HOUR DELAY: All morning meetings will be cancelled and rescheduled for a different day.

SNOW DAY (No School): CSEs will be rescheduled for a different day.